Heating and Cooling in Madison, WI: A Wake-up Call for an Upgrade

“All good things have an end,” as an oft-quoted phrase goes. Gus Stephens of SFGate.com shares his thoughts on one particular avenue:

“This winter’s heating season could be your furnace’s last. Making an informed decision about whether to upgrade from a working gas furnace to a new unit involves several factors. Some are concrete issues of dollars and sense; others are educated guesses. One thing is certain: Aging furnaces tend to fail at the time of peak demand. If you conclude that your existing furnace may require replacement in the near future, it’s better to make a considered choice now than a snap decision during a breakdown on a cold night.”

The above can chill residents of Madison, Wisconsin to the bone in another way. The region around Mad City is still in the deep of winter during February; the average temperature teeters between zero degrees Celsius and eight below. Even then, the temperatures may still go further south on certain days but when you’ve had enough, consider preparing for a furnace upgrade through experts at heating and cooling in Madison, WI, like Accu-Clime Mechanical Services LLC.


You need to have a heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning specialist on the case as soon as you determine that your furnace is not up to par. The professional can then analyze the entire system for appropriate solutions, including furnace repair in Madison, WI.

Stephens says age and annualized fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) levels are clues as to whether the furnace is still in working condition. The production labels on the machine can be crosschecked with the manufacturer and if it is at least fifteen years old, your contractor may recommend a replacement as soon as possible. Furnaces of that vintage are likely to have AFUE grades of no more than 76%.

Maintenance and safety will be sticking points in considering an upgrade. For instance: spare parts may be hard to come by if the manufacturer has already phased out furnaces of the same make as yours. Old furnaces, especially those with degraded combustion chambers, are spruces of carbon monoxide.

(Source: Is It Worth It to Upgrade a Working Gas Furnace?, SFGate.com)