Madison, WI Heating and Cooling: All about Energy-efficient Furnaces

Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) has requested the release of $8.5 million to help support low-income residents who are struggling with rising propane prices. With the cost of heating and cooling in Madison, WI expected to triple in a few weeks, this plan is nothing short of timely. Channel has this story:

Propane Prices

“To assist propane dealers the governor is making $8 million available to help those distributors obtain temporary lines of credit. When the propane prices tripled some propane dealers found themselves unable to pay upfront for shipments of propane. The temporary lines of credit will help get propane into the state.

The propane supply shortage is being blamed on a series of issues. The region has experienced an unusually cold winter. A major pipeline that supplies propane to Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa was temporarily closed in December for maintenance and the wet fall increased propane demand for grain drying.”

Given the rising cost and dwindling supply of propane, anyone would think twice about each and every dollar spent. The smart thing to do is to get an energy-efficient furnace.

Furnace energy efficiency is measured in terms of Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or AFUE, which indicates the ratio of useful energy input to output as expressed in percentage. A modulating furnace, which increases and decreases heat gradually so the room temperature never varies more than 1 or 2 degrees from the target temperature, is a good example of an energy-efficient furnace.

Meanwhile, two-cycle gas heat furnaces do not short-cycle and are, thus, able to run on the lowest energy-saving levels. Finally, variable-speed motor furnaces are capable of relatively quiet operation due to the consistent motor speed. Local residents can count on a Madison, WI heating and air conditioning specialist such as Accu-Clime Mechanical Services, LLC to install furnaces with an 80% to 95% AFUE rating that can reduce heating costs without sacrificing comfort and warmth.

(Article Information and Image from Walker orders assistance in dealing with rising propane prices, Channel, 27 January 2014)